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HOFS Feng Shui and Personal Calendar is Launched

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As a live feed, the HOFS FS and Personal Calendar is continually updated and could be programmed to prompt you on a daily wake-up call with a personal message.

Incorporating the wisdom of the Dong Gong, Day Officer, Yellow and Black Belt systems, amongst others, one could capture the essence of the day down to its precise hours when to carry out and avoid the major decisions for that day.

Other features include the ‘Special Information’ section, Auspicious Directions of the day to capture the Nobleman, Happiness and Wealth stars, synchronized events and a special task page.

Raving reviews come from all over including Australia, Mexico, China, UAE, UK and the USA. In fact, this application on I-Phone has hit the ‘No. 1 Spot in the Productivity Category in the first day of launch’ and has maintained the ‘Top 5 Free Applications Position for January and February of 2012’ in Singapore.

Beating many others, this application has trumped over the more ‘sophisticated’ and technical Feng Shui calendars for its easy use, friendly navigation and being a worthy companion to start the day right.